2015 Houseboat Docks

Oct 15th 2014 - Oct 15th 2015

Slips H14-H18, H20-H22, and H24

12’-14’ x 32’ Slips: $3200.00
After December 1st, 2013: $3700.00
Boats 12’ Wide+ ADD $150.00/ft

Slips H1-H10, H19, and H23

14’-16’ x 48’ Slips: $4200.00
After December 1st, 2013: $4700.00
Boats 14’ Wide+ADD $200.00/ft

Slips H11-13

18’-22’ x 80’ Slips: $5200.00
After December 1st, 2013: $5700.00
Boats 16’ Wide+ ADD $300.00/ft

****Please note that Credit Card payments will include a 3% surcharge on invoiced amount.

1. Boat cannot exceed more than 12 feet beyond the length of dock. (Swim platforms & decks are not included in length of boat)

2. All slips are 30 amp capable. 50 amp services are available in slips H1-H13 ONLY & Subject to availability. (New 50 amp service requires a 3-Year Lease)

3. Summer trailer storage, winter storage, two houseboat launches, wireless internet, water, electricity, unlimited pump-outs, and one seasonal boat ramp pass is included in the above rates.

4. 30 and 50 AMP Winter Electricity will be available at a fee of $5.00 per day from Oct 16, 2014-May 14, 2015. Electricity must be prepaid and boats cannot be left unattended while plugged into electricity.

5. Additional fees will be added for labor and material for blocking and unblocking trailers. ($100/hr.)

6. Boat slips will not to exceed 2’ wider than the widest point of the boat. Unless availability allows it.

7. $1000.00 deposit is due by 10-1 of each season for next year's slip. Deposit not received by 11-1 is subject to termination of lease with no notice given.

8. Houseboat winter storage without current dock lease $1500 /season. Summer storage without dock lease $1500.